New Hampshire’s business community has a long tradition of supporting philanthropic efforts that strengthen our nonprofit sector and our communities. Since 1982, The Corporate Fund, an initiative of the Foundation and leading New Hampshire businesses, has been a part of this tapestry of corporate giving, and a leading voice for investing in and recognizing excellence in nonprofit management.

Times change, but these New Hampshire business leaders continue to agree that we all benefit when our communities are strong, and New Hampshire nonprofits make significant contributions to the wellbeing of our state and its residents.

While the Corporate Fund will cease to operate as such, the member businesses remain deeply committed to supporting New Hampshire’s nonprofit sector and the many people they serve.

The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and its many corporate philanthropy partners continue to engage around new and innovative approaches to meeting emerging community needs, including through the Entrepreneurs Foundation of New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Coalition for Business and Education, and more.

The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation will carry on the wonderful legacy of the Corporate Fund with the annual Excellence in Nonprofit Management Award. If you would like to apply for the 2015 Excellence in Nonprofit Management Award, please visit the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s website.