Welcome to the Corporate Fund

Founded in 1982 and celebrating 30 years of strengthening nonprofit management and leadership in New Hampshire, The Corporate Fund is comprised of a number of the state's most generous corporations, who pool a portion of their charitable dollars to focus entirely on improving the overall management and effectiveness of New Hampshire's nonprofits.

Nonprofits across New Hampshire are making significant contributions to the wellbeing of our state and its residents in the areas of arts and culture, health and human services, environment, education, economic development, civic engagement, public affairs and more. Our nonprofits face great pressure to put all dollars directly into programs and services, which often results in only the most limited investment in improving the organizations' management and governance. However, the ultimate success of any organization hinges on organizational management and the effectiveness of the board-staff management team. Corporate Fund members are acutely aware of this, and encourage nonprofits to make investments in strengthening the skills of both their management team and administrative policies and practices to ensure the most effective and efficient achievement of mission. The Corporate Fund is a powerful and constant voice in the state for investing in the management of our nonprofits.