Board Self-Assessment Questionnaire

The Board Self-Assessment Questionnaire allows nonprofit boards to assess their  effectiveness in 12 aspects of governance—ranging from Board-Staff roles to External Relations Practices.

Now Available as an Online Tool!

The Board Self-Assessment tool will tabulate results for you. The data is then put in a format that makes it easy for your Board to begin analysis and assessment of key areas.

At this time, this tool is available at no cost to New Hampshire Nonprofits. Nonprofits outside of New Hampshire can access the tool for a fee.

This survey is another great tool. Items like this, the board retreat, and functioning sub committees, have transformed the way this board operates and clearly has this organization moving in the correct direction. We have a more engaged and energized board than I have seen in my time with this organization. I look forward to on-going dialogue and continued openness.
— User of the Board Self Assessment Tool

The Board Self-Assessment is offered in partnership with the NH Center for Nonprofits. Clicking on these links will take you to the Center's website.

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